10h11 works closely with each of its clients and their companies to ensure the reliability, the exploitation and the display of their data.

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Data Science

Increase your return on investment with the help of data cleansing and data modeling.

Make your data work for you

Data Visualisation

Design and produce a personalized interactive user interface.

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The largest companies rely on our solutions: Take a look at our case studies

Take a look at our case studies

What value do we bring to our clients?

How to successfully visualize requests for starting roadworks between different operators to share costs coming from these operations ?

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How to create an interactive dashboard maintaining the security level requested by the group, with no possibility to contact the CIO ?

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How to successfully measure the perception of the Tour de France for Social makers through images released on Instagram?

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How to design a predictive tool based on a model which takes into account all the data of the Ligue 1?

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