Immersive dive
into the world
of data

Collaborateurs autour d'une table, apprentissage collaboratif en data et technologie avec 10h11.
Échange professionnel, rejoindre 10h11 pour une carrière en data et automatisation
Jeunes collaborant sur PC, formation data et technologie par l'équipe 10h11.
Code sur écran d'ordinateur, innovation technologique et data chez 10h11 avec Zenith.

Our unique approach

The unique educational approach of 10:11 is based on the IronData concept, an immersive and interactive training based on data. With more than 2,000 students trained, our method aims to offer fun learning through practice. From the use of software tools to the presentation of concrete projects, our courses promote real acculturation to data.

Vue aérienne de travailleurs en bibliothèque, quête de connaissances en data science chez 10h11.


Our immersive and intense approach, inspired by Quebec, allows students to be immersed directly in practical scenarios.



Through the use of tools like R, PhantomBuster, and PowerBI, we promote the practical application of data skills.



We facilitate exchanges and collaboration between learners through communication platforms such as Meet, Discord or Slack.



With a satisfaction rate of 92% and 90.5% of students showing significant progress, our pedagogical approach has proven its effectiveness.