Towards an Eco-responsible Internet

Zenith, an innovative technology by 10h11, is transforming the code for a less energy-consuming web.


Eco-technological innovation

Zenith embodies our commitment to ecological transition. The result of our R&D efforts since 2016, we developed it in partnership with the Ministry of Research and Education and the New Aquitaine Region. It is a cutting-edge technology, designed to reduce the energy footprint of the web.


Automated optimization

Zenith is an intelligent protocol that automatically detects energy-intensive computer language elements. Its main function is to replace them with code that consumes less energy, without compromising the performance of websites.


Reduction of energy impact

Thanks to Zenith, we were able to reduce the energy consumption of the Google home page by 85%. This is just one example of the many websites that could benefit from this technology to reduce their environmental impact.

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Commitment to the Future

Zenith is much more than a technology, it is our commitment to a more sustainable internet. Our ambition is to make Zenith the reference for a more environmentally friendly web, and we continue to work to improve its efficiency and impact.


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