A global vision for a positive impact

At 10h11, our corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our identity.

Our CSR approach is based on 3 main dimensions: environment,  social and technical.

Illustration du projet de datavsiualisation et de cartographie pour la région Hauts de France

We believe that technology and data can be levers for progress, by allowing us to measure and understand phenomena, but also by promoting knowledge transfer and social engagement.

On the environmental map, we are convinced that our technologies can be more efficient and that we can use fewer resources for even better results. With this in mind, we have set up an R&D program, recognized by the Ministry of Research, to develop technologies that respect the environment.

At the social level, we value knowledge transfer and intergenerational skills, convinced that they are keys to success. We thus collaborate with associations and schools, such as the EGEE association (Entente des Génération pour l'Emploi et l'Entreprise), to promote access to the digital world. In addition, we devote several hours of our time to training younger generations and participate in initiatives for art in the city. We also pursue a pay policy of equal pay for women and men within our teams.

Finally, on the technical plan, we invest every year in research and development to ensure that our products are adaptable, scalable and financially accessible. The worlds of BIG DATA and AI are constantly changing, encouraging us to question ourselves and to question the capacity of our tools to be responsible and accessible.

Our CSR vision is therefore integrated into all facets of our business, and we are determined to act in a responsible and positive manner, by putting our technological expertise at the service of humans and the environment.