Talking about : Serie A Players Salaries - Part 2

An Exploratory Analysis with R. In the first part of the article we have showed how to create the data sets “salary” and “salaryCaps” from web sites which contain the data we need. To summarize, the data set “salary” contains for each player his n...

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Talking about : Serie A Players Salaries - Part 1

An Exploratory Analysis with R. On 6th September 2015, the most popular Italian newspaper dedicated to sports, “La Gazzetta dello Sport” (, has published the net annual salaries of every single Serie A player for the curren...

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Data analysis: rules to follow in processing and cleaning data

What we must do before analysing our data<br>One of the biggest problems for a data analyst (probably the biggest one) is to reassure himself of the reliability of the data he is going to work with. In a Data Science context we often face situatio...

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Les 8 questions à se poser avant de créer son tableau de bord

Qu'est-ce-qui est vraiment important pour demain ? Il est important, dans le cadre de la réalisation d’un tableau de bord, de rester focus sur l’essentiel. Il est toujours tentent de vouloir mettre un maximum de choses cependant, garder en tête q...

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