Learn and move

With data, new needs, services, technologies, algorithms and artificial intelligence are emerging in our daily lives. The ubiquity of these uses requires all companies to constantly monitor, improve and learn, in order to adapt, move forward and serve with quality. To assist 10h11 in its development, as well as its clients, we have integrated a research & development laboratory in our company.

Artificial Intelligence

We carry out multiple studies to design algorithms and statistical models which address various issues. Data scoring according to a geographical position and a strength, forecasting an event according its history; the needs are growing and their solutions must be explored.

The harmonisation of databases

This research work enables us to create a dialogue between data bases which do not share the same structure or initial format. One of the IT challenges is to design systems capable of understanding multiple and heterogeneous data flows.

Updating and maitenance of technologies

The tools we create must be able to evolve over time, i.e. adapt easily to updates and the changes in format and standards which internet currently imposes. Thanks to this research, the return on investment is extended over time.

Dashboard ergonomics

The visualisation of data and related ergonomics imply taking human thought into account. The aim is to produce tools that are easily adopted by the future user, leading to increased attractiveness and loyalty.

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