Study : Le Tour de France

Эргономика и интерактивный дизайн

В чем заключалась проблема нашего клиента?

The Tour de France, major media event, generates more and more mentions on social networks, in particular Instagram (social network specialized in mobile photography).

The problem : How to successfully measure the perception of the Tour de France for Social makers through images released on Instagram?

Какое решение?



We have set up an interactive map that allows any user to see all photos posted on the web and their geolocation. We wanted to visually trace the route of the Tour de France using the places where photos have been posted, from roadsides to stage cities.


Wireframe / Layout:

In order to give a full impact analysis, we had to work on the ergonomics of navigation and on an intuitive reading path for the user. In addition, this interface was intended to be viewed on multiple media, from smartphone to the big screen. We have structured graphical layouts, with highlighting contextual images and a responsive design architecture.


Development / putting online:

For the development, we have used technologies that allow us to have more flexibility to animate graphics and positionate a map. We have particular used MapBox, with whom we work on all our maps, above all for their flexibility in scalability when viewing the data, but as well for the maintenance of the property of our data.

Focalisation client

Data mining :

We needed to collect the raw material, necessary for the construction of the web site : the data. We have considered the photos posted on Instagram, and we have used the API available to get all the pictures with the hashtag # tdf2015. During this collection, we have integrated the geolocation and publication dates to facilitate our interpretation of this data.

Чем это было выгодно нашему клиенту?

The Tour de France has been able to represent the vision of spectators and fans of the Tour de France using photos that they have posted on Instagram. Considering the goal of understanding his audience as measure of the media impact, this efficient initiative is the first in this field.

И на десерт...

This work has been conducted in partnership with Publicis Consultants Net Intelligenz with whom we develop Datacraft, an offer dedicated to social data. With their teams, we have made an extremely accurate analysis of social data.