Study : Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux

Эксплуатационные данные

В чем заключалась проблема нашего клиента?

For over 20 years, on a daily basis, the Bordeaux Harbour exports and imports raw materials. Anyway the activity has evolved quite in relation to the economic priorities and the representation of this mutation remains invisible as soon as we look at the import / export raw data flow.

The problem : How to successfully exploit import / export data flow of the Bordeaux Harbour on an intuitive and informative interface ?

Какое решение?


Data collection :

Thanks to the collaboration with the Data Manager of Bordeaux Harbour, we have collected all the data, using a specialized software. Once the database was made, we have worked on the reliability of the data, in order to make them industrializable and exploitable on a map.


Data analysis : 

Like all the project, the analysis has been done both on the style and the content. About the content, our approach has focused on understanding variables of the data set and, particularly, on treating the observations which did not have data about business sector or import area. About the style, we decided to set up an interactive map that allows the user to navigate by area, by sector and through the time !


Map creation :

Three levels of navigation were designed in the cartography. First, the header to choose the area. Then, a second level in the map allows to zoom in a desired area or, in addiction, select a harbour in order to check the details of imports and exports. Lastly a third level, the footer, has been designed to allow the user to intuitively choose the period of time over which he wishes to visualize the data.

Focalisation client

The technical solution :

For the development, we have used technologies which allow us to have more flexibility to animate graphics and place a map. In particular, we have used MapBox, with whom we work on all our maps, above all for their flexibility in scalability when viewing the data, but also because they allow us to keep the ownership of our data. The cartography is available on laptop as well as on tablet, and responds in less than a second to each request on the database.

Чем это было выгодно нашему клиенту?

From now on, the Bordeaux Harbour can analyze and interpret in few seconds variations and modifications in the structure of their imports / exports. It is no longer necessary to execute a complex script to query the database : the Bordeaux Harbour just need to make a selection on the interface and the map will deliver in less than one second all the information requested classified by country, date, etc.

И на десерт...

We have been fascinated by the harbour's data because, after a brief analysis, they showed us some remarkable points regarding the variation of their structure over the time. We decided then to submit an amazement report on 15 specific data sets in order to find out if the Bordeaux Harbour has already had the knowledge of these fluctuations.