Study : Pioneer

Управление аудита и данные

В чем заключалась проблема нашего клиента?

Pioneer is a world leader in the field of agricultural seeds. In the last months, an optimization department has been created and several paper sheets have been used in the production rooms. Today, aware of the digital revolution, the company asked us to lead an audit in order to digitize and industrialize their use of data.

The problem : How to successfully create interactive and automatic dashboards based on paper tools manually composed ?

Какое решение?


Consulting meeting :

In doing audits, our teams prefer a close dialogue with our client. We have met the Pioneer team at their offices to talk with them about their environment in order to understand the process of collection and creation of the data implemented in their company.


Getting client brief on the field :

We went to visit then the factories in order to understand how the transfer of information and data was done with their staff and what were the technical possibilities to deploy for each production site.


Needs analysis and redaction of a copybook specifications :

After a complete understanding of all the data, we have analyzed the main features of each dataset : responsability, security, format, update, temporal record as well as the ability to be industrialized or not. This copybook specifications has led to a budget estimate and recommendations in terms of deploying interactive dashboards.

Focalisation client

Adapted to the problem of data processing, the double diamond is a practical guide to plan the creation of a tool adapted to the needs and data of our customers. In 4 stages (discovery, definition, creation and delivery), the double diamond can perfectly suit its project of service creation for data. This white paper was notably presented at the opening of the first DataViz-Paris. To learn more about, our white paper is free and available on request : go to our contact page.

Чем это было выгодно нашему клиенту?

Pioneer did not know where to start with the digitization of their data. After our intervention, the Pionner team now has the abilities to deploy such a tool and is capable of estimating their costs.

И на десерт...

In line with the ambition of Pioneer, 10h11 has wished to double their staff on the spot to be able to identify all customer expectations and understand all technical requests related to data exploitation. This initiative has been fully taken by 10h11.