Study : EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique

Стратегический план

В чем заключалась проблема нашего клиента?

EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique is an organization whose growth has strongtly accelerated in last months. In order to optimize the control of its organization and view opportunities linked to a better data management, the direction has assigned us the mission to audit internal and external data.

The problem : How to support the EPA management in the exploitation of available data within their organization ?

Какое решение?


Meeting on the ground:

EPA has opened its doors to allow us tomeet fortyish employees in order to gather their needs on data issues,including aspects such as the editable mapping, the information flows related to schedules, then again the servers researches, to name a few.


Technical report:

After several meetings and having obtained a good understanding of the data, we have analyzed the main features of each data set: responsability, security, format, update, historicity as well as the ability to exploit data automatically. A graphical representation by department (administrative, HR, property, ... ) allows managers to represent better the availability of resources necessary to drive the EPA.


Scenario and specifications copybook:

The third part is to imagine the tools which help piloting the EPA. Financial monitoring, mapped sales, planning works, our team has built scenarios with EPA and has imagined sketches in order to visualize the possibilities of each interface. Next, a functional and detailed specifications copybook has been drafted based on the scenarios deployed by the EPA.

Focalisation client

The double diamond:

Adapted to the problem of data processing, the double diamond is a practical guide for planning to create a tool adapted to the needs and the data of our customers. In 4 stages (discovery, definition, creation and delivery), the double diamond can perfectly suit its project of data services' creation. In particular, this white paper was presented at the opening of the first Paris-DataViz. To learn more about, our white paper is free and available on request : go to our contact page.

Чем это было выгодно нашему клиенту?

EPA wanted to have a new look on the action capabilities with the data further to a rapid growth of their organization. After our intervention, from this point forward the EPA team is able to deploy various control sheets, has a cost's estimate and plans to make a call to tender based on the specifications that we have provided them.

И на десерт...

Given the complexity of the subject, 10h11 has wanted to conduct a deep fieldwork to meet most of the team on the spot. In order to facilitate the handover of our analysis, oral presentations with managers have been held for each work submission.