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[WEBINAR] How can data management help you in times of crisis?

On May 5th, for 1 hour, 10h11 am agreed to play the Webinar game with Citizen Entrepreneurs on the theme of the role of data to measure the impact of the crisis on your business and take action.

Julien Daubert, member of the French delegation of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs 2017 in Berlin, presented 3 concrete cases of data use in times of crisis. Afterwards, a series of questions and answers took place with all the participants present.

Relive this Webinar under the same conditions as the live event via the recording you will find below.

Citizen Entrepreneurs, what is it?

Citizen Entrepreneurs is a pro-entrepreneur association founded in 2007. For several years, Citizen Entrepreneurs has been committed to promoting entrepreneurship in France and young French entrepreneurs internationally.

[WEBINAR] How can data management help you in times of crisis? 7

The ambition is clear: to bring together in open architecture the entire French entrepreneurial ecosystem in an agile and constructive network.

In order to meet the aspirations of its members, Citizen Entrepreneurs has built a positioning rooted in the international arena: offering our entrepreneurs a place to meet and share with the world. This is why the association represents France at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) summit. It also draws up recommendations for the French government and the associated follow-up.

These recommendations are officially handed over to the French Government at the Annual Conference of Entrepreneurs, which every year, for the past 10 years, has deployed more than 400 members of civil society.

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