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[WEBINAR] 10h11 accompanies a hundred students with e-artsup group

On April 30, 2020, 10h11 made a commitment to continue acculturation to the use of data despite a particular situation in the country that does not allow us to accompany professionals as well as students as we used to do.

It is through Webinar and with more than 130 students across France that the last conference took place with the E-Artsup group.

E-Artsup is a French private school created in 2001 and specialized in digital creativity and multimedia.

We took the time to deal with issues of data usage, especially in the world of communication, media, gaming or art, subjects dear to the Masters that e-artsup advocates.

Other conferences will come to other organizations to pursue the desire to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges of data use.

More information about the e-artsup conference on LinkedIn.

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