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The first territorial AI is now available.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to select the criteria of your choice and have a notation on the territory to know where to set up your business?

We did it.

Resulting from several years of R & D, our team has just deployed Carteko. It’s simple. Density of population, price per m2, Internet network, competing companies… Choose your criteria and visualize on a map in seconds the score corresponding to your choice. Fast, automatic and intuitive!

Do not leave anything to chance.

Our algorithms weight each criterion as well as their distance. Thus, you are sure to get a reliable answer, precise and never unveiled. Optics, catering, hairdressing or even hotel, mention your activity and browse the most suitable areas to settle.

Carteko is now available throughout the Gironde in beta.

Learn more? This technology is available here :

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