Paris City Hall

How can we visualise joggers’ routes in Paris, to get a better understanding of the athletic use of the city? The City of Paris, in partnership with Running Heroes, wanted to set up a decision support tool for better use of the city.

More than just a map:
a new way of seeing the city.

The city is now a playground, a sports track for amateur and professional joggers. It has even become a source of attraction through events such as marathons which have grown hugely in popularity in recent years. To understand this phenomenon, to visualise joggers’ routes and understand this community which redesigns the city and enlivens our pavements, the public authorities have initiated a measurement tool.

Run anywhere,

Seeing the city from a runner’s perspective means rethinking the streets, changing our vision of traffic, analysing routes connected directly to the legs and lungs of the thousands of runners who cross our city day and night. The best way to explain our approach and innovative work on this project is through a video which takes you to the heart of Paris as seen from above, where the only traffic is women and men in running shoes.
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