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Predicart integrates a recommendation engine capable of suggesting complementary products to each of your customers based on their history. Out of stock of a product or a proposal from the higher range, Predicart is your best ally to develop customer satisfaction as well as your turnover.

Prédicart is the first solution that allows you to predict your shopping cart automatically on your e-commerce site. And that’s not all!

A testimony that tells the story of Predicart

The story began in 2018, during an international hackathon in which 10h11 was the winner. The jury’s favourite, the French leader in office supplies, acknowledges the power of our predictions and appreciates the MVP of the product developed.

Specialized in Scientific Research in the field of Data Science at 10h11, Charline Toffoletti explains this hackathon experience in which she participated, all in video.

To discover the Predicart product in a functional way, here is the dedicated page:

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