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[PODCAST] 10h11 – On Air !

“Predictions, divinations, this thirteenth episode of good omen is under the sign of luck since the AïE team receives Julien DAUBERT, founder of the agency 10h11 in order to speak with him in the present about our possible futures.”

In partnership with Le Poste Général, 10h11 is available on the podcast “AÏE – Les sirènes du digital”. 29 minutes and 23 seconds of digital happiness at your disposal.

But what is AÏE ?
This podcast aims to share the good and the bad in the consequences on our lives of the evolution of the digital world. AÏE is a program produced in partnership with BETC Digital.

After Jacques Séguéla or Françoise SOULIE-FOGELMAN, Julien Daubert lends himself to the game of questions and answers on what the organizer calls “the crystal age”.

What are you going to hear in this podcast?

It’s simple, between humor, paranoia and serious question, the 4 musketeers of this podcast evoke the subjects of the future of commerce, the ability to predict, new emerging data services linked to these phenomena. We tell you no more, it is to be discovered lightly, a cup of coffee or tea in hand.

>> Listen to the podcast <<

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