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Paris sports streets : big data at the service of runners

Seeing the city through the prism of running is about rethinking the streets, changing your vision of traffic, analyzing the routes directly connected to the legs and breath of the thousands of runners who walk through our city day and night. A look back at the “Paris rues sportives” project, carried out in collaboration with the City of Paris and Running Heroes.


The raw material for this ambitious project, the data provided by Running Heroes included approximately 16 million geolocation points, representing a full year of use of the application by Parisian runners. A major technological challenge for our teams, it was a question of finding a solution to display all these points while keeping navigation fluid and loading the site quickly. To do this, the use of Mapbox allowed us to generate a generation of tiles in.png format, representing all the data and adapted to each zoom level of the map. Fluidity and speed: check.


On the design side, the main problem was to be able to visualize these geolocation points in a clear and intelligible way. Heat zone, management of the display of points to play on their opacity, diameter or color: everything has been designed to find the best solution. In the end, the choice was made to represent straight lines, which best simulated the courses of the Parisian riders. This was not without consequence in terms of development : it was necessary to simulate the lines from several points, taking into account that a point could only belong to one race, in order not to distort the courses. Challenge accepted !


For a project of this size, we didn’t want to focus solely on data visualization. Data Science work has thus been carried out, to bring additional intelligence to the work already carried out in design and development. Thanks to the different indicators contained in the source files (in.kml format), we were able to make different crosses and thus offer interactive filters. The displayed races can now be sorted by age, frequency of practice, speed, time of day, etc. So, who knows, you may find your route there ! 

Want to sail among the thousands of Parisian runners ? The project is freely accessible via this link ! 


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