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Norauto deploys national BI with 10h11

Norauto trusts 10h11 to provide a decision-making interface for all of its garages. The objective is simple: democratize access to data and improve customer knowledge.

Norauto deploys national BI with 10h11 7

One of the French leaders specializing in “fast” automotive repair, maintenance and automotive equipment, Norauto, has large amounts of data to better know its customers. This customer knowledge extends throughout the territory of Metropolitan France.

At a time of hyper competition in a mature sector, the differences are in the ability to understand the added value of its service and what the customer trusts the brand for.

Through multiple data sets, 10h11 mandated to predict and visualize information in order to make it accessible to the entire network.

How does the solution take shape?

It is a dashboard that has emerged through a decision-making interface with 7 tabs such as loyalty indicators or even the catchment area. Each tab with 6 to 7 datasets or a map.

Below, discover the video allowing you to project yourself in the Norauto dashboard (anonymized data in this video):

Our team conducted this work in co-construction with the Norauto teams, both to choose the performance KPIs and how to represent them. Then, we deployed a secure cloud architecture allowing to visualize on a national scale the dashboard with different levels of accessibility according to its rights.

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