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Discover Karibu, our social engagement technology

Karibu is the first technology to finally measure Facebook engagement.

Karibu allows you to retrieve all the commitments made on Facebook page posts in order to quantify and qualify the community. with more than 30 billion commitments collected, Karibu can cross communities and help you program and measure your operations.

 Here is a top 5 of the questions you ask us the most about Karibu. They will undoubtedly help you to better understand this technology.

«What does Karibu do in practice ?»

Who are the people who react to Chanel’s last post? Do they also give a like to Dior’s posts? 

Did those who signed up for Emmanuel Macron’s last post like the posts of F. Fillon or F. Holland before? 

Did the people involved at The Voice react to one of the latest posts from Kinder, the show’s partner brand, among these two football stars, Paul Pogba and Hugo Lloris, who has the most involvement with my brand?

Karibu is thus able to provide you with a tailor-made engagement study in a few hours.

To help you understand, let’s answer one question above :

Who are the people who commit to Chanel’s latest post? Do they also commit to Dior ?

It’s simple, Chanel recorded 274 Facebook postings in the last year. The average commitment per publication is 582 users. 
The Chanel page has 20M fans and only… 79 828 unique entries on the posts of the last year. They are the ones who bring the brand to life socially. Don’t you think we should know them better? We can, moreover, to answer our question, there are only 766 unique Chanel employees who are also committed to Dior ! In other words, the two communities do not talk to each other. However, there is a bridge to be made between the two luxury companies with the 766 users who commit themselves at least once on each of the two pages. 2,065 posts in the same year means that Dior does not have the same social strategy as Chanel. Its average commitment per publication is more than 10 times lower than Chanel’s, only 20.28 average commitments per publication…

And what about the entire luxury sector? How are communities intertwined? 
Just ask us 🙂

You will have understood that if you want to support a brand or a public body, you must be able to know its social community in detail. With Karibu, compare A’s community with its competitors B, C, and D. Choose a muse for A by looking at the link of its community with the community of stars X, Y or Z. 


Are you hesitating between recommending a Tour de France or Rolland Garros sponsorship for your client? Measure the social engagement between the communities of the 2 events and those of your client: this way, you will have a detailed social data to add to your arguments.

«I’m not sure I understand… What’s the difference with current social measurement tools in the market ?»

No current tool can provide you with knowledge about who is involved in posts. Are they also involved with other brands ? What are their political preferences, their event preferences ? Today, when you have to make strategic decisions, the notion of influence is unfortunately measured without taking into account commitments, whereas the social heart is found in the daily posts published by the brand.

«Okay, Karibu it’s effective, but how does it work ?»

After several studies, we realized that what interests brands the most is the reach on engagement. So what do we call commitment ?

A commitment represents any reaction or comment on a post.


When a brand makes a post, we are able to know who has committed to that post and whether these people have also committed to another page (competitors, interests,…). Practical to understand the tastes and actions of your community 😉

«Everyone’s talking about AI and Machine Learning right now, is Karibu doing that too ?»

Our engagement study technology is in place and we are the only ones currently able to provide this type of reliable data, and we are also working on the global profiling of a community to define sociotypes. in the long term, we want to learn in real time the evolution of communities as influencers.
If you would like to join the adventure, contact us.

Above: example of the first social beta profiling carried out on the Renault Zoé community.

«Let’s talk a little bit, let’s talk about it: can we order a study and what is the cost ?»

We can provide studies and we are open to an ambitious partner/agency to deploy this technology with major brands.
 The cost varies according to the number of pages to be retrieved, the number of commitments on this page as well as the level of granularity desired in the study (difference between comments and like for example).

For more information, we are at your disposal to discuss the budgeting of a study.


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