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A few months ago, Business France innovated with 10h11 and chose to make these data speak with an effective and educational means: interactive datavisualization.

First test run for the INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FRENCH ECONOMY report, fully highlighted by the datavisualisation.

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This platform is the symbol of communication focused on data use, transparency and efficiency. An initiative to be developed for all the data available within Business France.

Methodological focus.

A look back at this ambitious mandate, which deserves to be a first step towards data-driven communication. The simplified methodology unveiled below:

1. A design phase – workshop

The first step consisted in analyzing with Business France the entire report THE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FRENCH ECONOMY, a PDF document of several tens and tens of pages.

The objective : to reduce the ecological impact of the report and to facilitate the reading of key data to target audiences.

This phase allowed us to determine the KPIs we would represent and the associated communication objectives.

2. Model and functional specifications

The second step was to create an interactive pedagogical representation for the user. Map, charts, navigation menu, we have deployed interactive mock-ups to validate the user’s journey and respect Business France’s graphic charter.
The whole was described in a framework document: the detailed functional specifications.

3. Development and maintenance

Based on the detailed functional specifications, our teams of engineers have developed the tailor-made tool to make a unique and unparalleled experience. The data is then valued by annual maintenance. A first step towards more innovation, transparency and modernity in Business France’s communication with its data.

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