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Research and development

A Lab to evolve, to progress, to adapt and to always serve you better.

2022, here we come

With the data, new needs, services, technologies and algorithms appear in our daily lives. The ubiquity of these uses requires all companies to be on standby, continuous improvement, constant learning to adapt, progress and serve with quality.

To accompany 10h11 in its development as much as our customers, we have integrated a research and development laboratory within our company. Our 2016-2019 program was a success, we are pursuing our ambitions on the new program 2019-2022.

Research and development 1 10h11 – A better world with data
Research and development 2 10h11 – A better world with data

The lab:
4 axes of research based upon AI

Heterogeneous databases

We learn to manipulate different sources and structures of databases.

Scalable Architecture

We build scalable technologies
to maximize ROI.


We create intelligence engines focused on performance.

Cognitive visualization

We produce dashboards and maps to adapt to KPIs.

Ethics and technological responsibility

By 2030, the digital economy will reach 50% of global energy consumption, eventually becoming the world’s largest consumer. Faced with this observation, 10h11 centers its 2019-2022 R&D program around the concept of resources and works to ensure that the technology requires fewer resources for an equivalent result. We have made this energy issue a priority.
As this work is confidential, we invite you to contact us to find out more about the methodologies and the program that we carry out within our lab.

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Research and development 3 10h11 – A better world with data


We are in constant search for new talents
to join our teams.

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