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Semantic analysis engine

Follow the tone of your conversations online on a dashboard.


Businesses and organizations need to track more and more diverse online conversation topics in order to respond in real time and provide the target audience with the information they need. With our semantic analysis engine, follow the tones in real time and adjust your information accordingly.

Don’t miss the train on your conversations !

The leader of the rail transport in France relies on our engine to integrate it into Social Control: a dashboard for monitoring tones across all of France’s operations centers.

In order to guarantee an optimal quality of service, the leader of the French rail transport deploys in all of these centers of operations in France a follow-up of tone of the tweets on all their main lines.

The goal is to detect, track and adjust traveler information in real time according to the positive, negative or neutral reactions of travelers.

Semantic analysis engine 7 10h11
percentage of certified recognition.

Custom configuration,
live tracking !

The essential summary
in a few points


Automatic semantic tone recognition.


A simple and ergonomic dashboard to consult the information.

Real time

A refresh of the data in real time.


Set hashtags and subject on demand.

SaaS Solution

A dedicated URL to find your dashboard everywhere, all the time !

Twitter Feed

Stream tweets associated with hashtags available.


Secure data and in compliance with the laws in force.

FR language

An advanced engine in French, the most powerful on the market.


A dedicated support team to answer your requests.


A powerful semantic analysis finally accessible :
take back your analysis of your online communities.



Why is the semantic recognition algorithm Social Control appreciated by its customers ?

We do not sell an algorithm, we sell a level of performance. Indeed, we continually measure the ability of Social Control to correctly predict semantic tones (positive, negative, neutral). Thus, we guarantee a recognition performance for the hashtags you want to follow.

How can I view Social Control results ?

We always deliver a dashboard. Indeed, we want to make educational tracking of your semantic tones through a dashboard that adapts easily to your computer as your control screens.

Do we have support or training available ?

All our customers can join our support team on office hours. In parallel, video of use, presence on site at the launching or even workshops are proposed to you to guarantee the success of our collaboration.

How much does it cost to run the Social Control 10h11 run ?

Our business model relies on a monthly cost of licensing and hosting the solution based on the number of hashtags you want to track. At the beginning of the project, in order to configure our algorithms for your activity, a configuration cost of our tool is also to be envisaged to guarantee a maximum ROI for your dashboard.

Can I test 10h11 Smart Control only a few months ?

Yes it’s possible.
Simply, you will have to pay the setup cost and the monthly license and hosting cost.

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