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A Lab to evolve, to progress, to adapt and to always serve you better.

Exploring data

With data, our daily lives are constantly changing. The new emerging uses of data require all companies to be in continuous improvement to adapt and progress.

To support our customers in this process, we have integrated since 2016 a research and development laboratory within our company. The goal: to explore new data territories and develop concrete technological drivers.

The Lab 7 10h11

Data and artificial intelligence around 4 research axes

Heterogeneous databases

We learn to manipulate different sources and structures of databases.

Scalable Architecture

We build scalable technologies
to maximize ROI.


We create intelligence engines focused on performance.

Cognitive visualization

We produce dashboards and maps to adapt to KPIs.

Our engine room.

For more than 4 years, The 10h11 Lab has been developing many technological engines, for turnkey solutions.

Interactive mapping engine

With your data and Open Data, access highly precise cartographic information.

Territorial scoring engine

Our territorial scoring engine allows to score the territory according to the available data.

Buying behavior predictive engine

A predictive engine capable of predicting a customer’s next shopping cart as well as recommending new products to them.

Semantic analysis engine

A recognition of semantic tone based on an engine perfected in French language.

Predictive relocation engine

Linked to a WMS, this engine makes it possible to view misplaced references in real time and to assign relocation to employees.


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Éthique et responsabilité technologique

By 2030, the digital economy will take an increasingly large share of global energy consumption. Faced with this observation, 10h11 focuses its 2019-2022 R&D program on the concept of resources and is working to ensure that technology requires fewer resources for an equivalent result. We have made this energy dimension a priority.

As this work is confidential, we invite you to contact us to find out more about the methodologies and the program that we carry out within our lab.

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