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Territorial scoring engine

We expect the real estate sector to improve its ability to provide reliable information to plan and to manage buildings.

Connected real estate

Reinventing programming
and the use of buildings

Real estate is facing a strong competitive sector and an increasingly demanding expectation of public policy. The justifications of the choices of programming as of energy use of the buildings are from now on the core of the mandates.

To respond to this context, 10h11 was commissioned by different real estate companies to create solutions to imagine a building according to its territory. The goal is simple: connect it at most to its future users.

Scoring territorial data

Save territory data and “scoring” areas to understand gaps and needs.

Smart programming

Define according to the territory data what services and businesses to implement.

Use of meeting rooms

Inform and adjust meeting attire based on CO2, humidity and temperature readings.

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Case study : BIL

BIL is a product developed by 10h11 which allows to score the territory according to the available data. With this solution, the real estate sector can make more rational programming decisions based on facts.

Parking or gym ?

Make decisions based on what the territory suggests to you.

Hexagons of 10 000m2

Our territorial grid makes it possible to filter the information in a precise way.

Custom audit

Our solution can adapt to your needs. Do not hesitate to submit your request.

Territorial scoring 7 10h11


10h11, via its territorial scoring engine, is part of the Cité Universelle project team, winner of Réinventer Paris II.




The data is serving the city of tomorrow.

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