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Time is data

The white paper devoted to data visualization. History, methodology and case study are present.

Medias 2 10h11
A whitepaper on the R&D program of our team concerning real-time trading architectures.
Medias 3 10h11
Analysis of football prediction methods

The book written by one of the co-founders of 10h11 which offers you to return to the models of data analysis in football.

Medias 4 10h11
WorldCup 2018 : papier d’étude
In 2018, we deployed a method to help gamblers understand whether an odd is favorable or not.
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Download our logotype for optimal use in your communication.
Medias 5 10h11
Charte graphique

Download our complete graphic charter to use the 10h11 brand to perfection.

Medias 7 10h11
Smart Warehouse  video

Find the video of our Smart Warehouse product on the dedicated page.

Medias 8 10h11
Predicart video

Find the video of our product Predicart on the dedicated page.

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