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Give access to knowledge
to as many people as possible

We love to transfer our knowledge to future generations
and we learn by their side.

Our educational partners

Each year, 10h11 invests time to train
and to train alongside new generations.

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Zoom on the Iron Web

A concept imported from the United States, the Iron Web is reputed to be the most formative experience for graduating students. Students meet in groups for a week and each day of classes is punctuated by a particular dynamic.

What are the goals ? Putting students in a learning and production dynamic and deploying with them a digitized work environment to allow autonomy as team work quality.

Topics that fascinate us

Since 2011, we have been working in engineering schools, business schools and universities because we want to give access to scientific methodologies to as many people as possible.

At the same time, we are convinced that we are all in constant learning and that each generation contributes to the economic movements that the digital world knows.

At their side, we grow up.

Data Science

Transfer our knowledge
on artificial intelligence.

Web development

Accompany the learning
of computer languages.

Business Model

Explain how to think a digital project under the prism of numbers and data.

Project management

Teach project monitoring methodologies using data.

“Real value added to our courses. Hoping to have you as an intervening company next year. Thanks to William for his time and patience, very interesting R course and trainer”


“I put 5 everywhere (and it is well deserved) because apart from stress and fatigue I have progressed much more in a week than in the last months. And I know what I’m talking about, I’m 28 years old and I’m going back to school. And it’s one of the first times I feel like I’m learning something strategic in such a short time! This week will serve us a lot for our end of the year project. Thank you !!!!!! All the best !

Master Digital Marketing

“An intense week but we are delighted! Working with other classes also allows you to become familiar with other work techniques, other skills. This exercise also teaches us how to better organize ourselves, to manage stress, time, unforeseen events. You were listening to us, the conferences were complete. On the other hand, I do not know if it is possible to shift the evening presentations one hour later: we had only 5h or a little less per day to really advance our project (apart from the evening work and night ^^) Thanks again!


An educational project on the use of data?

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