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[Press review] The French mayors interview 10h11

At a time when we are working on technologies for the use of responsible and ethical data, it is the magazine Raisonnance that echoes our progress by interviewing our CEO, Julien Daubert. The booklet of the French-speaking mayors highlights the technology of analysis of territorial data that 10h11 is currently deployed with several actors in France.

Hailed in Phnom Penh, during the Great General Assembly with all the French-speaking mayors, the territorial scoring technology of 10h11 is now available on a case of public use and open to all.

[Press review] The French mayors interview 10h11 2

You want to know more and test our technology in preview, here is the link to a beta tester:


Our December events

The AI Summit

New York, USA // 11-12 Dec. 2019

The AI ​​Summit offers presentations on artificial intelligence and addressing critical topics in various sectors. These conferences, conceived and directed by the executive members of large companies, seek to develop the individual expertise of each participant, by organizing sessions featuring speakers able to bring a real understanding of the chosen topics.

Learn more :

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Conference

Kobe, Japan // 21-23 Dec. 2019

This conference is aimed at researchers from academia, industries and research and development organizations worldwide interested in the fields of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. World-class speakers in the main areas of artificial intelligence will be taking part throughout this event, which will take place in the heart of Kobe University, Japan.

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