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Predicart integrates a recommendation engine capable of suggesting complementary products to each of your customers based on their history. Out of stock of a product or a proposal from the higher range, Predicart is your best ally to develop customer satisfaction as well as your turnover.

Prédicart is the first solution that allows you to predict your shopping cart automatically on your e-commerce site. And that’s not all!

A testimony that tells the story of Predicart

The story began in 2018, during an international hackathon in which 10h11 was the winner. The jury’s favourite, the French leader in office supplies, acknowledges the power of our predictions and appreciates the MVP of the product developed.

Specialized in Scientific Research in the field of Data Science at 10h11, Charline Toffoletti explains this hackathon experience in which she participated, all in video.

To discover the Predicart product in a functional way, here is the dedicated page:


The first territorial AI is now available.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to select the criteria of your choice and have a notation on the territory to know where to set up your business?

We did it.

Resulting from several years of R & D, our team has just deployed Carteko. It’s simple. Density of population, price per m2, Internet network, competing companies… Choose your criteria and visualize on a map in seconds the score corresponding to your choice. Fast, automatic and intuitive!

Do not leave anything to chance.

Our algorithms weight each criterion as well as their distance. Thus, you are sure to get a reliable answer, precise and never unveiled. Optics, catering, hairdressing or even hotel, mention your activity and browse the most suitable areas to settle.

Carteko is now available throughout the Gironde in beta.

Learn more? This technology is available here :


[PRESS REVIEW] Interview in the famous Webzine

Hugo Le Guennec, Founder of Noobaï, wished to interview Julien Daubert, as part of his blog on artificial intelligence

Get in touch with the operational staff in the field, understand the business issues and provide the value-creating digital solutions that will solve the problems encountered“: here is his leitmotif.

As part of his work on the IA, he returned to the entire path of our CEO. In the article below, Julien speaks on his career and that of the company, his vision on the future of technology and the hot news of 10h11.

To discover this complete interview, go to


10h11 has created the largest dashboard in Europe.

Everything starts with a need at SNCF: to deploy a solution capable of communicating reliable information, in real time and in complete transparency.

The aim is to provide this information to all the group’s staff as well as visitors to the headquarters.

Summarizing in a few lines this work is delicate, at the same time some figures can enlighten you:

10 screens

The biggest Dashboard Europe has 10 giant screens, each screen having its own business theme. Security, social networks, travel, press, we worked with each entity to clean, select and visualize the data.

10h11 has created the largest dashboard in Europe. 3

100 datasets

In the end, the dashboard has more than 100 sets of data processed with heterogeneous sources. API, Open-data, SQL, Excel, we have centralized the whole for an optimal reliability.

1 artificial intelligence engine

Yes, we have successfully implemented a semantic recognition AI engine to automatically sort and process information flows. An engine resulting from our R & D work, a successful engine deployed in 23 additional dashboards within the SNCF.

Beyond its gigantism, this dashboard has helped to structure the overall data approach of the SNCF. By working together different entities on the same medium, it is the entire group that progress in understanding its data architecture.

Let’s close with a technological nod: Power BI. Microsoft technology, Power BI is the ideal tool to get rid of license while having a tool on which to train its teams. The choice of security and quality for all companies that require us to deploy with this new tool.